The brief

To create a structured website that shows off the company’s portfolio via their range of locations and quality of homes, and, most importantly, educates and encourages users to invest in their properties. The site design had to be relatable/appealing to a spectrum of potential investors ranging from first-time-buyers to experienced property investors.

The work

Figuring out the structure of the information and sitemap was key to allowing users to understand the process and easily explore the locations and properties appropriate for them. The site was divided into 2 sections: Investment process and location/property details.

Using a combination of video, appealing location imagery and strong brand colours, the site is aesthetically very appealing and enjoyable to explore. I included subtle user interaction animations throughout the build that makes the site feel more tactile.

The result

Since its launch, the site has seen over a 200% increase in property investments compared to the previous site. The client was very happy with the final look and feel of the site/branding and has continued to develop promotional materials within the guidelines that I established.

Ultimate Homes | Desktop, Home
Ultimate Homes | Desktop, Bonds
Ultimate Homes | Desktop, Contact
Ultimate Homes | Desktop, Menu
Ultimate Homes | Desktop, Your future
Ultimate Homes | Desktop, Property details

Property details

The property details page includes easy modules that the client can mix and match according to the individual property information. This made the details page uniform and highly customisable whilst not disrupting the design.

Investment process

To educate users of the process, benefits and options of investing. A clean and clean, step by step guide was designed with custom iconography and load-in animations.

Mobile Designs

Ultimate Homes | Mobile, Location
Ultimate Homes | Mobile, Home
Ultimate Homes | Mobile, Menu
Ultimate Homes | Mobile, Contact
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