The brief

To position Matilda The Musical as an exciting, "must-see" production for adults as well as capturing the imagination of younger audiences, thereby extending its longevity as a brand.

Making a site that was informative, interactive and easy for customers to purchase tickets.

The work

I took over the Matilda The Musical website after the play’s first year in the West End and it is fair to say that the initial website was rudimentary and very childlike aesthetically.

As the site content was growing considerably, I re-structured and wireframed the site and my core wireframe remains in place today. I later incorporated The Noticeboard page which was introduced to collate all news, widgets and games, and gave users a hub to interact with.

The result

The site has continued to develop in order to sustain audiences and build an international brand. The site is rich with engaging content which has resulted in returning visitors. It also has a bold look and feel and a clear user journey which has resulted in large sales and an active fanbase. It is an example of a successful west-end show website that other productions have aspired to and since replicated.

Matilda the Musical | Desktop, Home

Site Evolution

The site was regularly evolving in both design and usability to meet the needs of the campaign and audiences. After the first few years the production wanted to start to attract young couples with disposable money to buy tickets, so the artwork and UI was made more mature.

Although the site retains the majority of the original wireframes, I made subtle ‘grown up’ changes such as removing the carousel and replacing it with clear calls to action. I also included greater ticket information to push sales and there was the introduction of 'The Noticeboard' to encourage visitors to interact with the show.

Matilda the Musical | 2012 Wireframes

2012 - Wireframes

Matilda the Musical | 2012 design


Matilda the Musical | 2014 design


Matilda the Musical | 2015 design


Matilda the Musical | 2016 design


Matilda the Musical | Desktop, Noticeboard
Matilda the Musical | Desktop, Tickets

Global pose map

The 'Matilda Pose' has become an iconic theatre image alongside classics like the Phantom mask and the Cats dancing eyes. It is also easily replicated and fans would regularly post their Matilda Pose photos on social media from locations across the world. It therefore made sense to collate fan photos by creating a home for users to explore their poses.

The Pose Map was designed and implemented in order to make it easy for users to upload their image and location directly from their phone. Since it's launch it has had hundreds of uploads from all corners of the globe.

Insult Generator

The fearsome Miss Trunchbull character from Roald Dahl's classic story is known for spitting out cruel remarks and insults.

We created a widget on the site that would generate an insult for users to share across social media, which encouraged more users to the site and was a nifty advertising tool.

Mobile Designs

Matilda the Musical | Mobile, Homepage
Matilda the Musical | Mobile, Menu
Matilda the Musical | Mobile, Schools
Matilda the Musical | Mobile, Tickets
Matilda the Musical | Mobile, Gallery
Matilda the Musical | Mobile, Pose Map
Matilda the Musical | Mobile, Pose Map 2
Matilda the Musical | Mobile, Pose Map 3
Matilda the Musical | Mobile, Pose Map 4
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