The brief

Huntress's previous website was severly outdated, unimagintaive and difficult to use, but had years of useful blog articles and guides. They requested a brand refresh, complete site overhaul whilst maintaining their archived content. The old website was not responsive therefore making it next to impossible applying for roles on mobile which was losing them business.

The site had to emphasise their client and candidate promise and brand messaging of which they are very proud of. Design wise, the brand and site look had to appeal to their primary candidates (predominantly 25-35 year old female office support workers) as well as their big business clients.

The work

During an extensive client kick-off we determined 3 main user persona's for their site, these were used as a reference for each page structure and design throughout the project.

The next stage was re-arranging the site content into a uniform and collated structure with dedicated client and candidate sections, whilst integrating related job details and site callouts. Wireframes for the key templates were created from these before design commenced, heavily focusing on the application and account setup.

I presented two visual routes to which a mix of both was chosen to progress into the final design. From this, the rest of the site was designed following the wireframes.

I then developed the front-end template that backend developers integrated into the in-house CMS.

The result

Launching in spring 2017, Huntress has seen an incredible 300% increase in candidate applications and for the first time users can apply via mobile/tablet now the site is fully responsive. The brand design has been rolled our through their multiple offices and has had a great response from clients.

I don't write recommendations often, but it is very easy for me to endorse Mark's work. I would work with him again in a heartbeat, knowing that my project would be in excellent hands.

Beatriz Bailey - Huntress group

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Mark is one of the few creatives who has listened carefully to my brief and requirements and delivered. He is also an exceptional problem solver when it comes to marrying website design, functionality and user experience.

Beatriz Bailey - Huntress group

Site map

The previous Huntress site hadn't been updated in over 5 years resulting in unmaintained and uncategorised content, making it next to impossible to find the neccessary information you were looking for. With myself and the client we went through a collobarive re-think of all pages and content and condensed them into appropriate and concise sections.

Easy apply

One of the biggest problems with Huntress' previous site was that the application process was laborious and fiddley with unstyled form elements, this resulted in application drop-offs.

I stripped back the form inputs to the applications key essentials and designed a device friendly UI to make the process as quick and inviting as possible.

Mark's suggestions are always carefully thought through and he is very aware of timelines and priorities his client may have - I find him a very positive person to work with.

Beatriz Bailey - Huntress group

Mobile Designs

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